On the odd occasion we’ve had people interested in having us market their property for them, but are wary because they’re not sure what we’re about, the question they’ve asked most of all is: 

Are you like Purple Bricks?  

The categoric answer to this question is NO! 

We suspect people get confused at times because unlike a high street agent, we don’t have a ‘walk in’ premises, or shop window to display properties.  

Which can make people puzzled. 

However, we believe we have the best of both worlds, operating like a High Street agent in terms of being available to manage your sale from start to finish, always available on the phone to answer your buying and selling queries, organising viewings and making sure your property is marketed effectively on both our website and sites like Rightmove and Zoopla.  

Also like a High Street agent, and unlike Purple Bricks, we provide a top class photographer to make your house look the best it can be for listings (with Purple Bricks you go it alone when it comes to this, or pray that your representative takes a good snap). 

(We mustn’t forget our huge selling point either: The fact that we are Bromley born and bred and know it like the back or our hand, thus enabling us to sell your property and area better than anyone else in the Borough!)  

What also makes us different from any of our competition is that we offer you control when it comes to fees and viewings.  

Because we have low overheads, we are delighted to offer vendors who choose to market with us a choice of fee options based on how they would like viewings to operate: 

Like a high street agency (although much cheaper, natch) , for a 0.75% fee we will do the viewings for you, and you leave your home in our capable hands.  


Similar to Purple Bricks, for a 0.5% fee you can oversee the viewings yourself. We still set them up for you and get people through the door (so you have one less thing to worry about), but you are there to show prospective buyers round your home yourself. 

The choice is yours. 

With more and more people moving out of central London to the Bromley area to get more for their money, yet still have a short commute, demand for properties in the Borough is increasing, and our approach to selling property is undoubtedly the bespoke, forward-thinking way. 

Not Purple Bricks. 

Not High Street. 

Just the Bromley Property Company way 

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