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With more and more people continuing to work from home, and the desire for properties with a home office or workspace having dramatically increased over the past 18 months, if you’re thinking of selling up it pays to have a place in your home that includes this.


With this in mind, we share our tips for setting up the perfect home office workspace…


Have space for the right equipment

Many people working from home will want to invest in a proper desk and chair, and therefore will need the space to include these. Whilst many people work on a laptop, having space for a second monitor is also a popular work-from-home solution. If you can show that having these is possible in your home, then it will instantly make it more attractive to buyers looking for a perfect home office workspace.


Natural light is considered the way forward to improve productivity and concentration. If you can’t offer this when it comes to a workspace, then show that your home office is bright and cheery with a daylight lamp.

Make it look professional

If people will be holding meetings with customers, they’d generally prefer not to have to give them a tour of their home to get to their home office. A ground-floor working space is therefore the best bet in this situation. Also, there will be potential buyer bonus points for decent parking options, and easy access to their potential new home.

Avoid the noise

A workspace set up away from noisy and distracting areas of the house such as the front door, kitchen or bathroom, is always a winner. If you know you have loud neighbours, try to set up work away from a shared wall.

Consider whether inside or outside?

Whilst it may be a squeeze to find room for a dedicated home office workspace inside your property, it still might pay in the long term to invest in an outside workspace, such a cabin in your garden. The pros of an outside space are that you can still separate home life from work life better, and you’re less likely to be interrupted by daily family life when you want to work.


By having a perfect home office workspace you could increase the value of your home by as much as 10% if you go onto sell.

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