After a tricky few years due to covid restrictions, many people are looking to go-to-town this year when it comes to the seasonal festivities, including making homes and gardens look as lovely and festive as possible. But with the cost of living crisis in mind, are there ways in which you can achieve the latter without breaking the bank, and whilst also being more sustainable?

We share some easy ways to make your home and garden look festive this Christmas, here on the Bromley Property Company blog…

Go to town with tinsel and lighting

Christmas cheer will be important to many this year, what with everything going on in the world, and to lift spirits wherever you live, purchasing light up trees or fairy lights that you can drape on your outside trees or shrubbery and use again and again is a good plan. It’s also worth looking on local selling sites such as Facebook to see if anyone is giving away or selling Christmas lights cheaply (just make sure you check this safety-wise before using).  Another fun way of giving the outside of your house a festive ‘glow up’ is to invest in a light projector or laser light to illuminate the front of your house or a favourite tree with pretty snowflakes and stars – something that all the family will enjoy!

Take inspiration

Lots of places fairly local to Bromley have some excellent Christmas displays right now where you can gain some inspiration from for your own indoor or outdoor festive themes, whether it’s the lighting or decorations, including Hever Castle, Crystal Palace Lightopia, or Bromley town centre itself!

Enjoy some light up delights courtesy of the garden centre!

Local garden centres such as Dobbies in Keston have an excellent selection of light up reindeer and other festive delights that are perfect for displaying in your gardens, and that you can keep year after year! Watch out for offers and discounts that they may have on.

Easy home-made decorations

If you’re looking for some easy festive indoor DIY decor, put a few shiny Christmas baubles in a simple glass vase and add a string of battery powered fairy lights to create a beautiful twinkling effect. If you have children, making some salt dough decorations to hang on the tree is a cheap way to get into the Christmas spirit, as is making snowflakes with white paper and scissors – sometimes magical things don’t have to cost a lot!

Line your path

When it comes to your home, here at Bromley Property Company kerb appeal is never far from our thoughts! Even at Christmas you can create a lovely, welcoming pathway, by arranging a line of lanterns or tea lights in jam jars along the path to your front door. A fantastic twinkly effect that is again, cheap and easy to do!

Go big on foliage

If you love big, festive garlands, you can frame your front door with real foliage, by foraging in the hedgerows or local commons (make sure you have permission for this first). Fir and evergreen branches can be wired together to form an oversized garland, and you can then weave in a string of fairy lights and hang the garland around the doorway. Simply stunning!


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