winter property stove

As a homeowner or landlord, maintaining your property is one of the most important aspects, even more so during the winter, as rain, wind, snow and the decrease in temperature can have an effect on where you live. Making sure your home is safe and well insulated this time of year is vital.

Here are just a few of the things to keep an eye on to maintain your property during the winter and ensure it is in tip top condition right through until spring…


Whilst you may think of your boiler first when it comes to property winter maintenance, actually keeping on top of your pipework should be right at the top of the list. A pipe can burst when water pressure builds up behind a frozen section of the pipe, resulting in flooding, damp problems and an uninhabitable property during the coldest time of year.

You should ensure that your pipes are insulated with sleeves or by wrapping, and then run heat through them at least a couple of times a week to help minimise the build-up of frozen water. By following these steps you should help your pipes survive the winter cold!


Following on from ensuring your pipes are okay, it is essential to give your heating system a thorough check up.

Radiators – bleed your radiators to get rid of trapped air inside of them, and by releasing the air this allows the radiator to fully heat up and function to its maximum potential. It will also help save money on energy bills, crucial in the current climate.

Boiler – Again, just to be safe it’s important to get your boiler checked out by a Gas Safety-registered engineer once a year.

Stoves – if you have a wood-burning stove, ensure you get this checked too, and a professional chimney sweep will be able to ensure your chimney is good-to-go.


Other property maintenance

As well as pipework, radiators and boilers, there are other key aspects when it comes to being able to maintain your property during the winter.

Damp – Damp can be such a nuisance and difficult to sort in the winter time. You can help reduce condensation occurring in your property by closing the kitchen door when cooking and leaving your clothes to dry near a window, as well as installing trickle vents in your windows and leaving them open if you don’t have them already.

Guttering – Post-autumn your gutters can be clogged with leaves from falling trees, blocking or restricting the flow of water, causing damp to seep into the brickwork of your property! Clear your gutters or hire a professional to do it for you – either way don’t leave it.


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