Here at Bromley Property Company, one of the questions we’re often asked by potential sellers is how to sell your property quickly, and how to achieve this. Obviously whether or not this is achievable will vary from person to person and property to property, and can depend on condition of the property, price and location. BUT, there are some things you can think about to give you the edge and hopefully get moving quicker, and at this time of year people want to sell and get moving so as to hopefully head into 2023 in their new home…

Be ‘sale ready’ as much as possible

The majority of sellers will be in a chain (i.e. looking to buy a property themselves) which can slow the sale down. However, by making sure you are ready to move can help you to sell quicker. Being ‘sale ready‘ means speaking to your mortgage adviser, having your preferred solicitor lined up and ready to work for you, plus ensuring that all your documents are in order. If you get yourself organised and can get things moving quickly, it will give potential buyers less time and opportunity to have an initial wobble and pull out.

First impressions really do count!

Might seem obvious, but kerb appeal really does count when buyers first approach a property, and minds are often made up as to whether they like it or not within minutes. Tidy up the front garden, removing rubbish or giving the front door and/or garage door a fresh lick of paint can work wonders for a positive impression.

De-personalise and Declutter

A buyer will want to imagine your home as their own. Conducting viewings when your home is cluttered, or appears to showcase a really personal taste can be off-putting. You want people to imagine that they can live there!

Make the most of our expertise

We live and breathe property sales here at Bromley Property Company, so we like to think we’re pretty good now at pre-empting what questions buyers are likely to ask, and what is the best way to market your property. So when it comes to answering any questions or concerns from potential buyers, we’re here to help, advise, and answer them.

Be flexible with viewings

This is important throughout any property sale process and will help to sell your property quickly. We know it’s a slog getting your home ready for viewings each time (although hopefully there won’t be too many before you get an offer!), but if a potential buyer wants a viewing in the evening, or at a less convenient time, really do consider allowing them to view the property. The more potential buyers that view it, the more likely you are to get an offer, and it will be considered a positive going forward that you’ve been so accommodating.

Preempt what information your solicitor may need

This goes hand-in-hand with the aforementioned ‘be as sale-ready as possible’. Solicitors are likely to need the following:

You’ll need to ensure you have that valid Energy Performance Certificate (or commission one) in order to market your property in the first place, please ask us for more details if you need to.

These are just some of the things you can do to sell your property quickly. If you are considering selling, or are just curious of how much your home is worth, contact us for a free, no-obligation valuation.