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These past couple of weeks have been just a little bit odd haven’t they? With coroanvirus spreading around the world, and some uncertainty as to if (or rather, when) certain quarantines or shutting down of certain services will be implemented, it might be hard to plan your next move, whether it’s do with work, booking a holiday or putting your property on the market.

At the moment we are feeling thankful as a local estate agent that we’ve had a really good three months post-Brexit, and that despite all that is going on we’ve still had plenty of enquiries. We’re also thankful for the fact that as an online agent, we don’t have the worry of a high street agent of having to shut up a physical shop and put into place disaster recovery plans. All of our team work remotely anyway on a day-to-day basis, so we can reassure our existing clients that we can process their house moves as usual, as well as still continue to put properties on the market for potential clients (whilst strictly adhering to government advice on hand washing and hygiene).

We are mindful that other local business might well be having a tough time at the moment, so we’ll be doing our best to support them. If you don’t want to/can’t get out to your favourite local shop/cafe/restaurant, consider seeing if there is an opportunity to buy a voucher over the phone or online to use at a later date (or quickly pop in if you can). This will mean that the business is still getting some cash flow at the moment that will hopefully act as a buffer and will give them a fighting chance of being still open for you to enjoy once ‘normal service’ resumes.

We wish everyone well at this slightly surreal time, and are always on the end of the phone when it comes to property advice.