solar panels

Creating a more eco-friendly home not only massively helps the planet, but it also makes it a more enjoyable place to live, as well as potentially save you money in the long run.

With the above in mind, we share our top tips for creating a more eco-friendly home…


Install a Smart Meter

Be in control of how much energy you use in your home with a smart meter, where you can see what your current usage is and where you can cut down. Having this insight and knowledge will help you to make small changes in your home, such as switching to energy efficient lightbulbs and turning standby appliances off, and looks to be especially useful this winter, what with the increasing worry about energy supply shortages. This will ultimately leading to lower energy bills and a reduction in your carbon footprint.


Upcycle or Sell Your Old Furniture

By consuming less and buying less ‘brand new’ items, you can definitely help the planet by upcycling unwanted furniture, and selling your old stuff yourself. On sites like Facebook Market, where locals in your area can pick it up straight from your door’, you can even list it for free which saves you from a trip to the dump. You’ll be amazed what a bit of paint (Frenchic is great) and imagination can do!


Regulate Your Water Flow / Usage


You can get tap inserts for free with many water companies. With easy to fit attachments, you can limit the flow and ultimately reduce your water usage each time you turn on the tap. You can also buy eco-friendly shower heads, which release water at a more eco-friendly rate too. Shower timers will also help you to monitor your water usage and make you realise how long you might actually spend in the shower!


Solar power beats fossil fuels

The sustainability of using fossil fuels, for example, natural gas and coal have been in question for decades. Not only are they costly to get, but it also is not actually certain how long the planet will be able to make enough to satisfy the world’s energy needs. This is where solar power is stepping in. When you tap into the power of the sun, you will get more of the energy you need. The sun can’t be metered, shut off or used as a bargaining chip in order to raise prices. This can be a huge incentive to make a solar home improvement! Going solar will also help to increase the resale value, as any potential homebuyers will be able to see the value in purchasing alternate energy homes with a solar panel system put in place. Switched-on buyers would much rather see their property investment provide financial returns from the day they move in.

Do you have any eco-friendly home tips to share with us? Feel free to comment below! You can read more tips, news and advice, over on the Bromley Property Company blog.