Reasons buyers fall in love with a house… making the decision to sell the family home, and arranging viewings of potential new homes can be an emotionally loaded as well as an exciting time. Location is usually the main factor in most people’s buying decision, with good transport links and great schools often being deal breakers too.

But what makes buyers choose one property over another in the same location, and when they look very similar on paper?

We find that most clients we deal with make their final decision based on whether or not they had fallen in love with the property. Among our own team here at Bromley Property Company we’ve all had times where we’ve viewed a property to buy ourselves that we’ve absolutely loved, and then seen another very similar one on paper in the same location that really hasn’t had that special ‘something’.

So if you’re looking to sell, in a world of first impressions and snap decisions, how do you give your home the edge in a tough market?

Realistic valuation

At Bromley Property Company we pride ourselves on our bespoke valuations and excellent knowledge of the Bromley area, as well as understanding what our buyers want. We know that they are more likely to make an offer if the price is right, and a majority of these won’t make an offer if the asking price is too inflated, even if they like a property.

Outside space

If you’re selling, make sure your outside space is given the same attention as the inside. You can read more tips on how to add value to your garden when selling your property here.

Kerb appeal

Buyers are forming an opinion of your home as soon as they walk up to the front door. Treat it to a lick of paint or a coat of varnish, polish any door furniture and make sure the doorbell works. The front garden should look equally smart too for that crucial kerb appeal.

Online viewings

Potential buyers often make up their minds about booking a viewing within 5 minutes of looking at a property online. At Bromley Property Company our in-house team of professional photographers know exactly how to take high quality shots of the house and garden that guarantee a first impression that is the best impression.

All the feels

We all seem to agree that often reasons buyers fall in love with a house is because they get that good feeling when they walk in through the front door. It may be a bit of a cliche (but it works!), but the smells of freshly baked bread or coffee really do help create that ‘homely’ feeling for buyers. Making it cosy in the winter, and airy in the summer (open those doors and windows!) also help to make a property attractive.

Get rid of clutter

If you want your home to ‘spark joy’ with your buyer a la Marie Kondo, follow her advice and have a good clear out. You want buyers to be picturing themselves living in your home, not wondering where on earth they’re going to store everything.

Doggy day care

Not everyone loves dogs, so if possible keep viewings of your property dog-free so potential buyers can relax, and also if you have pets make sure everywhere is extra clean and aired to get rid of any furry friend smells!

Freshen up interiors

Refitting kitchens and bathrooms is usually a step too far as any new owner will see that as a way of putting their own stamp on the property. However, a fresh coat of paint here and there is often time well spent and can really pay off. We’ve found that properties presented in excellent condition will not only secure a quicker sale, but often one where the buyer is willing to match the asking price.

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