Now the schools are going back after the long summer break and autumn is just around the corner, people start to head out of ‘holiday mode’ and focus on day-to-day life again, including turning thoughts to their home and whether or not to put it on the market.

This time of year, along with spring, is one of the busier times for us here at Bromley Property Company, where the property market usually picks up and becomes more buoyant once again.

We let you know why autumn is a great time to sell your property…


It’s that ‘limbo time’ between summer and Christmas!

During July and August, many people are preoccupied with taking a break from work and going away on holiday and/or extremely busy trying to juggle work and childcare whilst their children are off school. Selling their home and having the time and inclination to get it ready for viewing (and being available to view other properties), is often not a priority. Fast forward to the end of the holidays and school breaks, and people then have a good hard think about where they are living and if it still suits them, and they often think about it being a good time to move.

When people think about moving house, they consider timescales and all going well, could quite possibly be in their new home by Christmas, giving them time to settle in and get the tree up!

Therefore, autumn is considered a great time to put a property on the market.


Possible lower costs and less stress

It’s generally a given that spring going into summer is the busiest period for the property industry in the UK. This means that businesses that work alongside estate agents, such as solicitors, surveyors etc., are always exceptionally busy at this time.

In summer, the market is quieter, rising again in autumn, but not to the levels seen during spring and early summer. This means that you are more likely to get paperwork and surveys processed quicker, as well as getting the removal company of your choice and on a date of your choice. Sometimes removal businesses lower their prices in autumn to attract customers, creating a saving here too.


Attract serious buyers

As we mentioned previously, it is after the summer lull that people think about moving, and they want to be in their new home before Christmas.

At Bromley Property Company we often see in autumn the more serious potential buyers getting in touch. These are the ones who will want to see properties to actually move to and get going- not just window shopping with no real intention to buy.


If you’re keen to get moving before Christmas, give one of our expert team a call on 020 8462 7155 or fill out our contact form, and we can give you a no-obligation valuation