becky freeman

We spend a few minutes catching up with Bromley Property Company’s Becky Freeman, who runs our Digital Marketing and Social Media channels!

Have you always lived in the Bromley area?

No, but I’ve lived in the area for nearly 12 years now, when I came down from North London to move in with my husband (who has lived here all his life!). I grew up in Bedfordshire but now very much consider this my home.

How did you end up working for Bromley Property Company?

Bit of a long one this! My husband and I were trying to sell our old home a couple of years ago with a branch of a local high street agent, and they ended up doing a terrible job (over valuing our property and then quickly suggesting a reduction in price after only a few weeks, not knowing the main selling points of where it was located, forgetting key things about our family… I could go on!). After 3 months we decided to go elsewhere and got Lewis round to value our home. We were impressed with his honesty, pricing, and liked the fact he didn’t get just anyone round to view the house for the sake of it. We sold pretty quickly and were really pleased with how he kept us informed and the whole process in general.

At around the same time I was looking to set up my own Digital Marketing & Social Media agency, and saw that whilst Bromley Property Company had social media channels and a website, I felt there was definitely scope to do more with them. Once we’d completed, I contacted Lewis again and pitched to him, and he took me on. I’m a bit of a property geek, know the area well, and it seemed like a good match. Thankfully it’s worked out well, and it’s nice to help champion a company who you can actually verify do a great job!

Favourite things to do in and around Bromley?

We live in Coney Hall, so love taking our children (age 9,8 and 3) for walks and bike rides on Hayes and West Wickham Common, and also through Well Wood. There are so many great pubs and restaurants to choose from in Bromley, but I do like The British Queen at Locksbottom, and Inaga Indian restaurant in Coney Hall does a great curry and they always support the local community. I recently visited Daisy Grey cafe in Keston and had a lovely breakfast there, so that’s now made the list. Oh, and the Chicken Paneang from Thara Thai in Hayes is incredible, always my go-to takeaway choice these days!

Best thing about living where you live/ why should people move to Bromley?

I love the fact that we’re so close to central London, and the fact it’s still in Zone 5 means you get comparatively cheap travel. I also love being close to the countryside and all the benefits that come with that. We can go for a country walk or horse riding in the morning, and then hop on a train up town for lunch and to spend the rest of the day. I really do think living in Bromley gives you the best of both worlds!

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