With the majority of the Bromley Property Company team parents ourselves, we understand the worries and anxiety that our clients can face with regards to making sure that their buying and selling process is as smooth as possible for any children involved.

Once exchange happens (always a relief!), thoughts then turn to moving day and all it involves. We’ve talked in the past about how to move pets successfully, but thought we’d share a few tips when it comes to preparing your children for a brand new home. A good removals company in the Bromley area will also work wonders for a stress-free day. 

If you have any yourself, we’d also love to hear them too in the comments below!

View the new house together

Sounds obvious, but many parents don’t think to take their children to view the new house before the big day. Show them all the rooms, especially what will be their bedroom, as well as the area if you’re moving to a totally new location.

Be Positive

Understandably parents might be anxious about a new move for a whole variety of reasons, but it’s important to reassure children that even a big move can mean that many things will stay the same. Tell them that their toys, books, and clothing will be coming with them. Try to tell them of the advantages of moving to a new house and explain why it is a positive experience. If you have a positive mind, the chances are they will too.

Get Them Involved

Children can sometimes feel like they have been ignored in the whole decision making process when it comes to moving house. By getting them involved in as many moving-related activities as possible, you can help to really make them feel involved and part of it all. They could help with packing and wrapping basic bits, create a scrapbook of the move, or perhaps make a fun poster featuring some of the great things about their new area or location.

Keep Routines

You might be in a different house, but try and stick to your usual routines as much as possible, as children thrive on security and stability. Try to maintain daily or weekly rituals so that things are not too disruptive- usual takeaway or movie nights, or keeping up with your regular recreational activities will help show your children that everything is okay despite being somewhere new.