We spend a few minutes catching up with our Bromley Property Company Director, Lewis McKale, who was born and bred in Bromley, and talk to him about the area, his advice when it comes to buying and selling houses, and what he likes to do in his spare time!

Have you always lived in the Bromley area?

Yes always, I grew up in Coney Hall living in Hawthorn Drive and then moved to West Wickham near Woodland Way in my teens. My first property I bought was a little 1 bedroom flat in Bromley, before moving to Bromley common, Hayes and then back to Coney Hall where I’ve been for the last 7 years.

What would be your top tip for anyone looking to sell in the current climate?

Listen to the advice we give you….we want to sell your property for as much as possible but if we tell you a sales price we are being honest with you, we don’t over value like a lot of high street agents just to impress you.

Strangest thing you’ve seen in a house that you’ve sold/ most ‘interesting’ house to sell?!

I used to work in London Bridge dealing with riverfront properties so I’ve seen many impressive roof terraces with amazing views, but the coolest thing was in a factory I sold that had an actual cinema room that felt like you were in a mini Odeon!

What things make a house easier to sell?

Sensible pricing, good decoration, nice furniture and being in the catchment for good schools.

And the hardest?

Unrealistic pricing 

Favourite place to visit in Bromley?

We love the new Smoque restaurant in Bromley, and the new Vue cinema with its reclining seats! 

Best thing about living where you live/ why should people move to Bromley?

Good value for money compared to areas closer to London but great transport links and mostly really nice people live here! 

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