garden shed

Living somewhere with a beautiful garden can really help to boost your mood AND add value to your property. When buying a property, many people will just look at the size of the garden, but there are other things that you should possibly consider too.

Here are 5 things buyers should look for in a garden…

Troublesome plants and trees

One of the biggest concerns of buyers (and rightly so) is the presence of Japanese Knotweed. This plant is notorious for being difficult to remove from gardens, and also because it causes structural damage to properties, as well as infiltrating the drainage, system, garden walls and even the actual foundations of a home.

Some trees can also be a pain when it comes to your property. Fast-growing conifers used to be all the rage in gardens, but now years on these can cause issues too, most often due to being planted too close to a property and the roots damaging foundations. It’s worth getting in a reputable surveyor anyway when buying a property, but a good one will also look at any potential issues within the garden that could affect it.

Which way does your garden face?

This is very much one of personal preference. Some buyers may not be too bothered which way their house faces, where as others have a strong opinion. South-facing gardens tend to be popular as they get the hot summer sun all day, but for some people it can leave a home, and the outside area, feeling too hot with little shade. Other people would avoid north-facing gardens, but some don’t mind them at all as they prefer a bit of shade. If you’re out of the house all day, then a west-facing garden might be ideal for you as you get the late evening sun, and if you’re a morning person then East-facing might be just the ticket.

Do you have access to your garden?

Not having access to your garden might not be an issue if it’s already beautifully done and you don’t plan on making any changes to it, but if a lot of work needs doing in the garden (removing of trees, levelling out with a small digger), then having access will be crucial to avoid huge expense i.e. the need for a crane. Definitely something to think about before you put an offer on.

Look at the condition of fences and sheds

Having a shed can be a great, extra storage facility. But a rotting, run-down one can be a liability as well as being expensive to fix or replace. The same goes for your fencing. Find out which side of the garden you would be responsible for and check to see how it’s faring. Again, if it’s in bad condition it could mean a large bill to sort fairly soon after moving in.

What will the garden be like to maintain long-term?

Lots of people are ‘wowed’ by the scale of a large or long garden, but if you’re not green-fingered, will you be able to continue the upkeep to make sure it stays looking nice and well-maintained? Will you need a gardener? Is the landscaping to your liking at the moment, or will you need to make changes? Can you afford these changes? If you think a potential garden might need some work, then it’s worth taking pictures and measurements at a viewing and obtaining quotes from local gardening companies.


So there you go, there are the 5 things buyers should look for in a garden. If you’re looking to buy a home in the Bromley area or want advice about the current market, give Bromley Property Company a call and we can arrange viewings of suitable properties.