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If you’re renting a property there’s bound to be a time when you are going to want your rental deposit back once you move on. However, a surprising number of people lose their deposit, and it’s important to know some of the key reasons why landlords choose to hold on to them once tenancies come to an end.

Being aware of the common grievances given by landlords will help renters avoid losing their rental deposit, and put them in a better position to have a whole deposit returned at the end of the tenancy.


Here are 4 reasons why landlords don’t return deposits:


Not keeping the property clean

Most tenants are great and keep their rental property clean, but this certainly isn’t the case for everyone! insufficient cleanliness is one of the number one reasons for landlords to withhold tenant’s deposits.


Not maintaining the property to a sufficient standard

Many tenants lose their deposit simply because they do not know their rental responsibilities. If you live in rented accommodation, you are expected to live in a ‘tenant-like manner’. Put simply, this means that you have a responsibility to perform certain maintenance tasks around the property, such as changing light bulbs and taking care of the garden. Failure to stay on top of these jobs can easily result in your landlord keeping your rental deposit, so don’t get caught out.

Direct damage to the property and/or its contents

Obviously you want to look after your rental property, but if damage does occur then it’s vital to repair any damage that you cause. The definition of damage, however, can cause issues over deposits being returned for something as small as a nail or screw hole where a picture has been, or slightly ripped wallpaper. Fill in any holes, make repairs, and ensure the property is handed back to the landlord in the same condition. Taking photos when you first take on the property will help with any queries over damage at the end of the tenancy, and help protect yourself too against a landlord who might be taking you for a ride.

Rent being due after the tenancy completes

Another huge reason for rental deposits being withheld is unpaid rent. All arrears must be cleared before the deposit can be returned, so make sure you keep your finances up-to-date whilst renting a property.


Getting your rental deposit back really shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a responsible tenant, especially if you follow the above guidelines and return the property in exactly the same state as when you took it on.

Be sure to return the keys to the property management company or landlord direct, and give them your forwarding address as well once your tenancy runs its course so your deposit can hit your bank account ASAP!


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