Whilst the summer is often known as being a quieter time to sell, right now post-lockdown we’re busier than ever, with lots of properties going on the market. With this in mind, we’ve put together a blog post with some tips on how to make the most of your property and selling your home over the summer, and how you can tempt those summer buyers!

Spruce up your garden

With your garden at peak-potential loveliness right now, you’ll want to keep it looking its best. Making sure the lawn is regularly mown, carrying out regular weeding, and planting some bright and colourful plants will all help to make your outside space look appealing.

Let the Light In

Make the most of the light in your property by removing heavy curtains and blinds, which whilst cosy in autumn and winter, can really darken a space. If you keep blinds or curtains up, make sure they are pulled all the way up and/or tied out of the way to maximise light.

Sell the outdoor living dream

Persuade buyers that your property is the place to be in the summer months, by showing off your outside spaces to their best effect. Lovely garden furniture, fire pits and barbecues will all demonstrate that your home is prime for entertaining and offers an additional ‘room’ when the weather is great.

Keep your property ‘summer fresh’

If you’re selling your home over the summer, burning heavy-scented candles or plugging in strong-smelling air fresheners can do the opposite of giving your property that ‘fresh’ feel. Fresh cotton or lemon scents are more delicate in the summer, and making sure windows are open where possible for viewings will really air a property and keep it sweet-smelling.

Keeping Cool

You’ll want potential buyers to want to live in your home, and this means feeling comfortable there all year round. This means it is important to try to control the air temperature inside as much as you can, so it doesn’t feel too hot and stuff during the warmer months. Throw those windows open, turn on the air con if you have it, or use a fan to keep air moving during viewings.


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