Kaya Ramesh

Here on the Bromley Property Company blog today we have an interview with Kaya Ramesh, the Bromley-based owner of cutting-edge interior design company, Kavara Interior Design 

Kaya works with her clients to transform their spaces and give them the home they really want. From Living Rooms, to bedrooms and from kitchens to bathrooms, Kaya ensures each project is created for each of her clients with their taste, needs and lifestyle in mind to give that added ‘wow’ factor.  

Kavara Interior Design also offers a superb service that might interest clients of ours: the ‘Style to Sell’ design service. We know that a well-presented property that goes on the market and makes a good first impression is likely to sell quicker, and Kaya helps her clients to create an undeniable first impression through powerful styling, whilst keeping your selling goals in mind.  



She works effectively with home sellers to present properties in the best light possible, by strategically elevating its appeal so this can stand out from the competitors and promote a highly desirable lifestyle.  

We chat to Kaya about how Kavara Interior Design came about, and what sellers can do to maximise their properties appeal to buyers… 


Hi Kaya, tell us a bit about your background and how you got into Interior Design?  

I used to work for a tech company in London within the digital media and marketing sector. After some time, I began to question my professional path and wanted to become my own boss in something creative that would have a direct impact on people’s life. I discovered my love for interiors in my late 20s but didn’t take it seriously until I came to a crossroad with work. I knew I wanted to be an interior designer with a difference so I ended up bridging the gap between what I needed from an interior designer for my home and what wasn’t available on the market then.  

Is each design that you carry out for someone unique? 

Absolutely. I am proud that we create bespoke designs for each client and their home. Everyone has different needs, styles, aspirations and houses. I get to know my clients and their lives well before designing for them to ensure it works for many years and support their evolving home life.  

How does your ‘Style to Sell’ service work?  

If your property is empty, you could appoint a staging company to dress this and put it on the market to help potential buyers see themselves living here.  

What if you can’t vacate your home nor empty it completely yet you need to sell for the top asking price and fast? We help the everyday people who need to carry on living in their home elevate the visual presentation of their house. This means they have a much better chance of selling well by attracting the affluent buyers and going under off in record time. 

We repurpose as much of the content as possible, advice the clients of anything else they would benefit from and source additional styling items and accessories cost effectively. It’s a great investment that brings a fantastic return.   

When might be a ‘Style to Sell’ service be of benefit? 

It works well for two types of sellers.  

If your property has been on the market previously but didn’t sell, before you go back to promoting it (either with the same agent or a new one), it would be highly beneficial to present this differently with professional advice and styling.  

If you’re listing your property for the first time but you cannot afford to wait months before you accept an offer, this service will help create a higher demand and competitive advantage resulting in going under offer a lot quicker.  

Do you have any styling tips for sellers on a budget? What do you think buyers look at first? 

Clutter is more often a thing than not. We all get used to our home and its content, but we must take a step back to see it through the eyes of a potential buyer. We have things around the house that doesn’t serve a purpose anymore and they can be put away, sold or discarded. This alone will show more of your home to the viewers. Doing a deep decluttering session in your home including inside the wardrobes and cupboards will be a game changer. This is something I advise my clients inch by inch around the house before we style it.   

Once I’m in my new home, how can I prioritise which room to start doing up first? It’s overwhelming!  

The spaces you need every day for the most practical usage should be your priority to keep frustrations to a minimum. For example, if you cook a fair bit, then think about starting with the kitchen. If you have young children, it might be their bedroom where they need to settle in, find their stuff, do their homework and so on. Once you move in, within a day or two you will know which part of the house is needed the most and urgently. This should be your starting point.  

Evelina – Before

Evelina – After


Favourite project you’ve worked on? 

We work on residential and commercial projects and I have to say, the closest to my heart is the psychology room I designed for the therapists at the Evelina Children’s Hospital which is part of St Thomas in Waterloo. This was a project organised by Echo, the wonderful charity that support children and their families who come to Evelina.   

This room was more like a cupboard before the design took shape. It was going to host patients, parents and siblings in receiving therapy. It was challenging to provide all it needed within a small space, adhere to all the red tapes and execute it around the peak of Covid but it remains one of my most rewarding projects to date.   

What’s your favourite thing to do/ place to visit in Bromley?  

I love the food scene in Bromley. Whether that’s in central Bromley (my current favourite is Kobe Jones) or around the area, we are spoiled for choices. The quality, variety and atmosphere we as locals get is fantastic. My family and I also love the Vue cinema in Bromley (St Mark’s Square). The seats are such a treat!


Thanks so much Kaya! You can visit Kavara Interior Design HERE


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