With spring just around the corner, you might be thinking of putting your property on the market, or even just giving it a bit of a refresh and makeover. With this in mind, here on the Bromley Property Company blog we’ve got 5 easy ways to update your home this spring…

Have a good old declutter

Nothing will help make your home feel more spacious and give a nicer feel than having a declutter! Whilst it can appear daunting, creating a checklist of the cleaning tasks you want to complete will help give you focus, and then you can systematically work your way through each room, perhaps focusing on just one room a day/evening. You can have a whole new home within a week! Having a clearer home will also show potential buyers how much space you really have.

Embrace natural light within your home

One of the simplest ways to make your home feel more spring-like is to make the most of any natural light within your home. It can be as basic a task as moving the furniture around a bit so that the key areas in each room are basked in sunshine eg a dining table or writing desk.

By moving certain pieces of furniture as close to the window as possible, you can flood them with light- and you no longer need to worry about draughts as the warmer weather is well on its way!

Enjoy spring flowers

One of the cheapest and easiest ways of bringing spring into your home is to buy a some flowers, and bunches of flowers, such as daffodils, are only about a pound each! Daffs and tulips will look stunning arranged in a spring-inspired vase or two.

Give your house some kerb appeal

Now winter is on the way out, you can start to spruce up the front of your house in order to give it some kerb appeal! Sweep away any dead leaves, get rid of any weeds, and if the weather is dryer you can give any fences or gates a lick of all-weather paint. Consider giving your front door a makeover too- there are several companies that do great paint that can be applied directly to even PVC front doors. Hanging baskets filled with spring flowers will also make your property look the bees knees.

Get your carpets and windows cleaned

By having your windows cleaned inside and out by a professional, you’ll make your home seem much brighter inside- you’ll be amazed at how dirty they can really get! Ditto getting your carpets professionally cleaned- pets and general household traffic can make them dirtier than you think, and cleaning them will also make your home smell lovely too.


Do you do anything else to get your home ready for spring? We’d love to hear in the comments below! If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market this spring, then give one of our expert team a call for a chat and no-obligation valuation.