Now that summer has arrived it’s time to spend more time in the garden, enjoying your plants, BBQs, and some vitamin D sitting in the sun. But no matter what the weather (and it’s been pretty good lately in the Bromley area!), having a great, stylish place to sit to enjoy it can make the whole experience that bit nicer! On the Bromley Property Company blog we share some useful ideas for designing a cosy outdoor living area for your home, no matter how big or small your garden is.

Good Deck

A firm base on which to place your chairs or outdoor dining set is a must. Sinking into muddy ground is no fun for anyone! Sitting on the lovely green lawn only to feel the ooze of mud chilling your bottom and staining your outfit is one of the worst things that a British garden can do to a hopeful picnicker! It can be especially tricky to have decent ground if your garden faces north, as the ground has a tendency to always be quite damp, or even mossy. By laying a wooden deck, paving patio or even build a professional base on which to enjoy your outdoor meals, you can transform your garden into somewhere that you want to spend all your spare time.

Stay Warm

Summer in the UK can still be chilly sometimes, especially in the evenings. Having a heat source close to your decking or patio is a great way to ensure that everyone stays comfortable while you make the most of the long days and sunshine. Invest in a chiminea or fire pit that will throw out a soothing warmth to keep your evening socialising going for longer.

Garden Furniture Choices

When it comes to garden furniture, you want to avoid the cheap and cheerful sets that will be broken or battered within a few weeks. If you can afford it, opt for waterproof, sturdily framed furniture that can stand up to the elements, teamed with soft and comfortable fabric cushions that can be brought inside or put away when not in use during the winter months. Local garden centres such as Dobbies in Keston often sell such furniture sets.


Investing in a small outdoor storage unit or shed is vital for keeping a tidy garden. As well as keeping everything in one place, being out of the elements will keep all your garden gear in great condition. You can also tuck your barbecue and the various tools in the store, making sure that when you are not barbecuing you get to enjoy uninterrupted views of your garden and the surroundings.

Be Generous with Space

When you are laying out your outdoor living space, be as generous as you can. You don’t want that cramped or claustrophobic feeling when you are trying to enjoy fresh air and socialising, although if you have children, of course you want to leave space for them to play.

A good summer day in the UK is just wonderful – mainly because it’s such a novelty when UK weather can be a little unpredictable to say the least – and it’s lovely to enjoy it in comfort with an outdoor living area for your home.
With our tips in mind, now you can!

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