Now that it’s September, the schools have gone back and we’re all getting back into some kind of routine, you may or may not be considering putting your home on the market over the next few months. We’ve already explained why autumn is a good time to sell, and today we give you some ideas of how to update your home and make it appealing for the 2022 autumn/winter crowd of buyers.

There are a number of ways to update your home ready to sell that can be achieved with what you’ve perhaps already got lying around at home, or that require minimal materials or spend….

A fresh lick of paint

Giving your walls a fresh lick of paint will make your home seem lighter and bigger (especially if you use bright, neutral colours).
Potential buyers will then more easily imagine how they would adapt any rooms to their needs, and mentally be able to move themselves and their stuff straight in.

Declutter- but don’t depersonalise

Get rid of all the excess stuff that has accumulated and put it in storage, sell it, give it away or bin it. Take a picture of your space and then look back on it- we bet you can still see more clutter than you anticipated in the photo! The try and declutter all the ‘excess’ stuff you can see. People need to be able to envisage what the property would look like if they were to buy it. People tend to find this difficult, so make it easy for them. HOWEVER you still want to keep some personality- think homely and cosy, but with plenty of space.

Keep that kerb appeal

As we head into autumn, make sure that the outside of your home looks appealing, especially as once winter arrives flowers and plants in front gardens that usually ‘perk up’ your home tend to have depleted. A well-maintained front garden, windows, driveway and fences, plus a well-painted frontage, will encourage buyers to have a positive view of your property.

Fix up, look sharp

Make any minor repairs within the home that you’ve been putting off – holes in walls, dodgy door knobs, cracked tiles, stained carpets. Deep clean everything –  get rid of limescale on taps (a problem in a hard water area like Bromley!), clean and repair tile grout, sand and polish wooden floors, get rid of all suspicious smells, hang up fresh towels and buy fresh flowers. All these things will help make your place more appealing.


By doing all the above, you can update your home ready to sell, whilst also creating a wonderful space for yourself in the meantime. If you have any questions about putting your home on the market, you can contact one of our expert team for more advice.