Back in June we were delighted to announce that we have committed to a year’s sponsorship of local secondary school, Hayes, and their exciting new ‘Girls in Sport’ initiative. This initiative aims to give girls aged 11-18 at Hayes an opportunity to try and get involved with a variety of different sports, with the money donated by Bromley Property Company used to pay for new equipment and professional coaches, so the girls can really benefit and hopefully improve in both skill and confidence.

We’ve since had some feedback from the girls at the school as to how they think the initiative is going and what they think of sport at Hayes now, and we’re delighted with what they’ve had to say, and thought we’d share some of the comments with you…


“I really enjoy netball because I love to play matches against other schools, as well as learning new skills during netball practice.  I have learned how to find space and block your opponent”

“I am in netball club, and I am learning new things every lesson e.g. how to mark people better and make better passes I am not a s good as I was before, but this club is helping me achieve my goal of being better than before I always look forward to netball after school its the highlight of my day”

“I have enjoyed fitness club because it’s physical and it has a really nice group of girls. I have learnt that it’s not trying to beat anybody else’s record it’s trying to beat your own it is about improving yourself. I have enjoyed it because I go with my friends and I’ve made new friends I also have learnt how to use the equipment properly and helping my friends out if they are stuck”

“I have enjoyed the club i do after school which is football. My football coaches are Mr Sullivan and Ellie they have really help me engage with football and my connection I have got much better from the start when i played for Hayes. But now i play for the Hayes football team which is A team”

“I love love love netball!! It’s something I’m very passionate about and would never want give up. I’ve learned a lot from the Hayes netball practice, like working on my footwork, making my passes more accurate and stronger, using my 2-3 seconds wisely and so much more! Hayes netball helps me improve every lesson and it’s super fun. I always will learn a new skill after a lesson and I always look forward to it!”

“I have taken part in football and netball matches and have really enjoyed my time playing in these events and look forward to future matches and tournaments. I have learnt a lot more about sportsmanship and supporting team mates during training and out on the court/pitch. The skills I have learned and the way I have been taught has not only been helpful in school but also outside of school at my football club”

“This year i’ve started trampolining at hayes and ive learnt how to improve my technique on different flips. I have met new friends and trampolining is just a sport I enjoy in general which is another reason I enjoy going”

“Lately, I have been going to the dance club on Wednesday, I find it fun and interesting as there is something new every lesson. I would like to continue doing dance in the future as well”

“I do cheerleading on Mondays and I am really enjoying it. I have learnt a lot more than I did before as I did cheerleading in year three as well. In year three I was quite small, so I was only ever flyer but now I have gotten to be one of the bases and even though it is quite hard, it is still really fun”


Hearing what they had to say has been a fantastic end to a great year of supporting local for Bromley Property Company, and we’re looking forward to seeing them continue to progress into 2022!