Bromley Property Company to let

With the property market currently booming, even during a global pandemic, it has also still been possible (and very much in demand) to rent and let a property legally and safely, all whilst taking the right precautions.

Possibly the biggest challenge for us all right now is that, in addition to the latest lockdown there have been other national and local restrictions and guidelines constantly under review and changing regularly. Even when we come out of the latest national restrictions, there are likely to be different rules that will apply from one area to the next, so it can be hard to keep up to date with which rules apply to rental activity for your own properties.

it’s essential that you do make sure you’re operating legally and safely, and taking other people’s individual situations into consideration. Here at Bromley Property Company, we are always here to give you advice as to what you currently can and can’t do within the Bromley borough (as we know how confusing it can be right now!).

Here are the factors that you need to take into consideration in order to manage and let a property safely in the current climate:

  1. Try to limit the number of physical visits to the property before letting
  2. Check that all parties involved in a property visit are in good health and aren’t showing any symptoms of coronavirus
  3. Always make sure your tenant is comfortable to have visitors in the property
  4. Make sure that anyone visiting a property maintains a 2m distance from other households
  5. Ask the tenant to clean any surfaces a visitor is likely to touch, both before and after the visit i.e. door handles, banisters on the stairs
  6. Ensure all doors are opened and lights are switched on before the visit
  7. Remind all parties to wash their hands both before and after the visit
  8. Remind all parties that they should avoid passing items (such as paperwork) between them where possible- scanning and email is best if possible
  9. If a contractor has collected keys to access the property, make sure the keys are properly sanitised before collection and again on return

If you have any further questions relating to renting a property or to let a property legally and safely right now, our expert Property Management team can help – give us a call on 0208 462 7155