glass staircase

When you think of glass within the home, it conjures up an image of luxury, clarity, and gives the illusion of space. Despite being not always being the most practical surface when you have small children, the right type of glass can be surprisingly safe, easy to clean, and therefore ‘doable’ in a  family environment. Whether it’s on a staircase, as huge bi-fold doors to your outside area when carrying out a kitchen renovation, or actually outside itself i.e. as a surround on your patio or decking, glass can really give your living space that extra luxurious ‘something’. Pairing glass with wood or steel can create a brilliant urban industrial look that = very cool.

Here are our tips for how to make glass work within your home:

Consider Toughened Glass
Toughed glass can give you the reassurance you need in a home with young children, that they will be safe in their surroundings. Cleaning toughened glass can require special care. The surface of the glass may have ‘pickup’ on the surface due to the way in which it is manufactured. ‘Pickup’ is a deposit of very small particles of glass which are fused to the glass surface. A cleaning method which does not dislodge these particles should be used, otherwise the glass surface may get scratched. Blades and scrapers have been known to dislodge ‘pickup’ from the glass surface, so a soft cloth should be used instead.

Use the right components

When thinking about installing your glass, whether it’s a door, table, or super-stylish glass balustrade on your staircase, you’ll need to make sure that they are fitted safely and correctly. This doesn’t have to be a boring chore though. A good glass supplier can help you find the right fitting to firmly clamp your balustrade glass beneath the handrail in a stylish manner. Their fittings are easy to clean, helping you maintain a bright, light, and sleek look with minimal effort.

Storing your glass

Make sure you never store or place other materials in contact with your glass, as this can create heat, leading to something called thermal breakage.

Caring for your mirrors

Mirrors always require special cleaning care. To clean mirrors, simply wipe over the surface with a damp cloth, then polish the mirror surface dry with a lint free cloth. Ensure cleaning cloths used are free of any abrasives.


Many homes available on the property market can be considered outdated when it comes to their decor, but can be updated to include some lovely glass features. Do you love glass within your home?


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