bright living room



One of the things that prospective buyers of a property often comment on, both in positive and negative ways, is the amount of light that is drawn into the place. Being able to maximise the light in your home can be a house-selling game-changer, especially in the darker winter months like now (January).

If a room is north-facing, as it gets no direct sunlight. Rooms facing south are bursting with light, as are west-facing rooms, but only in the evenings. Rooms that face east have a lovely morning glow (great for bedrooms or breakfast in the kitchen), but are much duller by midday.

It goes without saying that naturally brighter properties have a head start when it comes to being snapped up, and much of this is dependent on which way the rooms of your house face. But there are also many things you can do to improve and maximise the light in your home- we share some of our tips here on the Bromley Property Company blog.

How to work with your home’s natural light

Windows are the first thing to look at whichever way your room faces. First steps are obvious but often neglected : give your windows a good clean both inside and out, as well as trimming back any plants or trees blocking the light.

Consider a paint job

If your room is on the dark side, go for paler paint colours, in particular for walls opposite windows – and don’t have large dark prints or furniture. However, perhaps surprisingly, you should avoid harsh brilliant white – warmer, creamy shades work best, with ceilings a couple of shades lighter.

Grey is still top of the paint ‘go-to’ colour chart as it tends to work with everything, just choose your tone wisely.  

Use mirrors to reflect light

Keeping walls, woodwork and ceilings the same colour makes a room seem spacious, and by hanging a large mirror you can make the room appear much, much lighter, especially if it’s hung opposite a window, where it will have light bouncing off it.

Leave Space Beneath Your Furniture

This is a slightly random tip, but by having furniture i.e. sofas that have open space underneath, allows light to pass and therefore illuminate more of the room. Have a good declutter and get rid of anything in the room that is making it feel smaller, and therefore less light.

Avoid heavy window dressings

By now, you’ve probably sensed that “light and bright” is a recurring theme for making your space appear larger. This goes for window dressings too. Swap heavier materials for lighter drapery, like linen. Venetian blinds are also an option, as they help direct sunlight upward.

If you have any other questions about what can help sell a property quickly, then please do give us a call and we can help and advise