When it comes to potentially buying an empty property, it can be very hard to visualise what a place COULD look like and the kind of home that it could become in the future, and therefore quite often an empty property won’t attract the same kind of attention as one that is ‘done up’ and ‘ready to go’.

Despite this, an empty property can really give you the chance to put your own stamp on, with endless possibilities when it comes to decor and renovation potential, depending on your budget. If you’ve got your eye on an empty property, here are our top tips when it comes to viewing it…

Use the opportunity to see the property with nothing ‘hidden’

An empty house means there is generally total transparency in terms of the property’s current condition, and will allow you to get an accurate view of the property’s actual size, without someone’s furniture and personal belongings in it.

Don’t let the photographs put you off

Whilst good images definitely help to get potential buyers through the door, unfurnished homes that photographers have less to work with should not be ignored or dismissed outright. Seeing a property stripped back to its bones allows for a buyer’s imagination to take over and the property’s full potential to become clear. If you’re worried about unwelcome visitors, then you can always call a good pest control company to come and assess the property. The same goes for an empty property at the end of a rental tenancy – you can always ask the landlord to call in End of Lease Pest Control.

Use your imagination

For those easily influenced or put off by the current owner’s interior choices, an empty home offers the chance for potential buyers to view a property as a blank canvas and imagine their own furnishings in place without distractions.

Consider the selling chain

When it comes to a property chain, when a house is empty the sale tends to be much more straightforward because there is no longer anyone living there. This in turn means that potential buyers may well have greater flexibility with their moving date – which is always a positive!

Empty properties often equal a quick sale, and less chance of any potential property chain falling through.

Don’t assume the worst if a property is empty

There are a whole plethora of reasons why a property is empty, and potential buyers should never assume that there is something wrong with it. For peace of mind, we always advise that you get a thorough survey carried out on a property once an offer has been made and accepted, and then you can hopefully look forward to putting your stamp on your new home!


If you’ve seen an empty house for sale on the Bromley Property Company website and you have some queries about it, please don’t hesitate to contact us!