Your bathroom is an important room within your home, and ideally it should be a soothing, relaxing space whilst also offering the functionality you need for both yourself and your family. Once you move into a new property, your thoughts might turn towards a complete renovation (or even slight ‘glow up’!) of your new bathroom to match your tastes and budget. The right renovation can help bring the best out of your bathroom.

Here on the Bromley Property Company blog, we explore some of the most important considerations when it comes to planning a bathroom renovation in your new property….

Set a budget

Setting a budget should form the basis of the planning of your renovation. Work out how much you can reasonably afford to spend on this project for both tradespeople and the products ie sanitary ware, tiles, flooring, as well as setting aside a little cash in case you run over budget. Make sure you shop around for both, as prices, even in the same, local area, can vary wildly.

Create a layout

The next step is to design your layout. This doesn’t have to be totally set in stone, but you should be able to accurately map out the items you need to buy and where they’ll be used in the bathroom. if in doubt, ask your builder or plumber to pop over before you start ordering anything, so they can clarify sizes and the type of products you can and can’t have within the bathroom.


Inspiration is key to renovating your bathroom – you need an idea or vision for the room. Places online, such as Instagram and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration, as are local bathroom showrooms. We love Rouse Bathrooms, based in West Wickham, Bromley, and having a browse of the lovely bathroom products and suites that they have on offer.

Remove old tiles

Most renovations involve retiling the bathroom, as quite often tiles are prone to getting a bit grotty, cracked and faded over time. You should ideally attempt to remove all your old tiles, (and not lay them over the top of the old ones!), before replacing them with a set that fits your new style.

Renovate walls

The next step is to renovate the walls in your new bathroom. This might not seem like an essential step, but the quality of the plastering and paintwork in your bathroom can make a huge difference. If you choose light, neutral colours then your bathroom will appear bigger and more spacious, where as darker colours can add an element of cosiness and luxury.

New bathroom suite installation

The bathroom suite refers to all the fittings in your bathroom, and the majority of people decide that it makes a lot of sense to purchase a new toilet and sink to refresh the room, and possibly bath or shower. Installing sanitary ware can be a complex job though, and you’ll likely require the help of experienced contractors. Make sure you ask for recommendations and references before you agree to any work with anyone.


A clean, tidy room can boost your mental health and give a better sense of well being. One way to help remove clutter is by adding practical-yet-stylish storage to your bathroom. When planning a bathroom renovation, it’s well worth factoring in new shelves or hanging storage solutions to bolster the storage available in the room.


When viewing a property it’s good to decide if you can live with the current bathroom as it is (especially if you’re on a budget), or whether this is something that you’d like to change a factor into the cost of moving house.

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