When it comes to selling your home in 2023, first impressions count more than ever. For a large number of house- hunters, they first time they set eyes on a property is online, and therefore your photographs need to be up to scratch so you can attract them on first glance. We always recommend using a professional photographer when selling your house.

Whilst it’s great to have detailed descriptions and floorplans of your house in a listing, the majority of potential buyers we speak to really want to visualise the property, not just read about it.

If they like what they see, then they’ll move on to the finer details.

At Bromley Property Company, we often have sellers come to us who are keen to do the photography themselves. We understand this desire, as people are invested in their homes and feel they know them best, and understandably want the best possible outcome when it comes to selling. BUT there are various reasons why we feel it’s best to use our specialist property and interiors photographer (and they’re included in our fees too!)

So why a professional?

The first reason is possibly the most obvious: Taking photographs is their job! They know how to make areas look brighter, bigger and more inviting. Professional property photographers know what areas will look best, and what angles will best capture the most desirable attributes of your home. They know how to use the light to their advantage (SO important when it comes to making a house look fantastic), plus they also know how to frame the room just right so it looks the best it can possibly look.

Aside from the above, our professional photographer also has the expertise when it comes to retouching the photos during the editing process to make them look even more appealing. This doesn’t mean faking anything, but it just means they can enhance the features they have already shot. This is especially handy on days where weather is gloomy (a downfall of the UK during the winter!)

While you may be tempted to snap some photos and get editing yourself, professionals know where to legally draw the line. There is a clear difference between retouching to make best use of the light, and retouching to falsely represent something. For example, trees, neighbouring buildings or cracks in the walls cannot be removed as this misleads the potential buyer. ­

Details matter

Not only does a professional photographer understand the importance of light and staging, they also have the equipment for it. This includes their own lights, top-quality camera and the best lenses to capture properties (we’re always amazed how big these can be!). With a variety of lenses they can chop and change accordingly, depending on the type of photograph they’re taking.

If you can draw on people’s emotions with excellent photography, and help secure that sale, it’s definitely worth getting in the professionals!



Got a question about Bromley Property Company photographing your home for selling purposes in 2023? Give us a call and we’ll be there to help and advise.