If you’re keen to move in 2023, but wary due to the current financial climate and speculation about the property market, it’s understandable. But the outlook for the South East (and most definitely including Bromley!) may be brighter than you think.

Here are our top tips if you’re thinking of moving house in 2023…


When it comes to moving, being open minded will pay off long term, and applies to everyone whether you’re upsizing, downsizing or choosing an area for a particular reason such as schools or a work commute. Whilst you may have a certain type of property in mind, being open minded with your estate agent will help, and who, like our team, is experienced when it comes to different properties in an area. They may well suggest something slightly different that could suit you better, or that you simply hadn’t thought of before.

Being flexible could also help you financially too. With the current economic climate, buyers’ budgets tend to be tighter, so realistic pricing will help get you moving quickly. At Bromley Property Company, we always want to get you the most we can for your property, but we also never over-value when we carry out our valuations.


Making sure your paperwork is organised and ‘ready to go’ is more important than ever, and having it ready will put you in an advantageous position if the right property comes along.

Get prepared and work out the cost of moving house, including estate agent fees, solicitors’ costs and stamp duty. Work out how much your desired property will cost to heat by taking a look at the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). 

A good mortgage broker, with knowledge of the offers available from all lenders, should be able to secure a better loan deal for you. Mortgage rates look more positive for borrowers in 2023, following the sharp increases at the back end of last year following the mini-Budget, and lenders will still be keen to attract business.


First impressions of a property count, so before you put your property in the market, you’ll want to make sure that the outside of your property is looking the best it can (and we’ve got some great tips here). Your aim should be to show off the space in your home, suggesting the ideal lifestyle, while also allowing people to imagine themselves living there. It doesn’t have to cost much, but decluttering and giving your current home a mini ‘glow up’ i.e. touching up paintwork, cleaning carpets, will all help.

Thinking of putting your home on the market this January 2023? Then why not contact one of our expert team for a no-obligation valuation?!