When it comes to buying a house, one thing that is often on the top of the list for buyers is a good-sized kitchen. So if you’re looking to sell a property you might want to think about how you present your kitchen space in order to maximise it’s size, layout, and general presentation so that it looks appealing. Sometimes you don’t even need a huge kitchen to encourage buyers, but it helps if it’s neat, organised and bright. If you’re a buyer, don’t discount a house with a smaller kitchen- you can just consider ways that you could possibly improve the layout and use of space! By being organised, a smaller kitchen can be very efficient and easy to work in.

Here are our top tips for making the most of your kitchen space…


Sounds obvious but by decluttering your kitchen implements, you will free up more space than you think. Do you really need 12 saucepans or 8 wooden spoons? Cut down to what you REALLY need, and then possibly store less-used items elsewhere i.e. the loft. By having less clutter in your kitchen, you’ll instantly make it appear bigger and more usable to potential buyers. Go through all of your food items and get rid of of anything that is out of date. The BBC show (that you can view on iPlayer), ‘Sort your life out’, has some great tips for decluttering and storage solutions.

Consider clever kitchen hacks

Utilise the backs of cupboards by adding over-the-cupboard organisers or paint them with chalkboard paint for shopping lists. Attach magnetic boards and magnetised spice holders to cabinet doors for another clever storage solution. By using easily stackable nesting bowls and measuring cups you can best utilise drawer or cupboard areas. Items that don’t nest take up excess space.

Open shelving

Open shelving instead of top cupboards can give the illusion of a bigger, more open space, but you must make sure everything displayed on them is neat and tidy, so it looks attractive rather than cluttered!

Ensure the kitchen has great lighting

Whilst darker wall and cabinet colours are quite ‘in’ at the moment when it comes to kitchen home decor, your kitchen space should have great lighting, whether it’s several spotlights and/or an attractive pendant. This will make it feel bright, and therefore a pleasant space to cook and prep food in.

Make your appliances match

One way of making your kitchen look more streamlined is to ensure all of your kitchen appliances match. Rather than spend a fortune on a new fridge-freezer, dishwasher and washing machine, for relatively little money you can buy special appliance paint (either stainless steel colour, or one similar to your kitchen units), and give them a makeover using a brush or mini roller so they all look the same. The paint is hardwearing, and if you’re careful the overall improvement to your kitchen looks-wise can be quite striking. Paint such as V33 Renovation Appliance Paint is an example of what you can use.

By following some of these tips, you could maximise the chances of a buyer falling in love with your kitchen- and therefore home!


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